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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


By sharing/posting my nudes I hope to contribute clarity to what is clearly a very murky perception.
These works have all been executed for one event or the other, most for "International Women's Day" exhibits in Europe and elsewhere...

"Thorn" - Giclee.
A play of words in my mind. "Torn by thorns". This woman is clearly distressed, nude/raw to herself and the world. She is trapped by many "vines = obligations/loyalties"  her heart has been thorn from her body disposed thrown on the ground. And who the hell would focus on her nakedness???
Still, many obviously did - as after touring various  Universities in Colombia, in transport back  to Spain, under "not so clear circumstances",  the original  vanished along with some other 700+ works. It has been claimed they have been confiscated for being deemed "pornographic".

"El pajarito/The birdie" triptych
Yes. "that birdie"... ( the blue bird of happiness) A mature woman having discarded her inhibitions is free to think about her sexuality and her "imperfect body" - not to be ever taken by any swine (up from left corner chewing pearls, although I felt a wild boar was more appropriate in this case)
but by her own choice, wherever she feel comfortable.

"Paloma" - (now lives in Mexico City)
 This is a "pastiche" (copy - not really). Anyway it was inspired by Modigliani's Woman in Black.
A very dour looking woman in a buttoned up to the neck outfit, sitting in a dimly lit room.
I decided to do the opposite. give her life, options and the possibility of love symbolized by the doves. Again, accepting herself and her dreams...
(Which, incidentally, I "saw" one morning on a table top art book cover I would daily glance into

Ah, the mural at the beach! "Mermaids at Play", was very popular... among all ages.
Although there was some "concern expressed" at her not being young and all, the public embraced her and voiced their delight and even gratitude for my option. I happened
to have taken this photo of this  couple taking wedding pics in front of it. Could have not been more delighted they included her...

So, I named her "Sheme".

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